Virtual Venue


Virtual Venue

Reimagining how we experience, document and share live classical music.


Virtual Venue is an inquiry into how immersive technology can inform audience experience of classical music by augmenting the physical context in which it is performed, while opening up opportunities for new venues, physical and virtual.


The first instance of Virtual Venue will take place in Portland Oregon at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art on January 17, 2020 as Les Boréades, an immersive visual and sonic performance that challenges the conventions of live performance.

The musical program features a survey of French music, including works by Rameau, Debussy, Ravel, and Boulez. Immersed in theatrical scrims, the audience and musicians will be transported to ethereal landscapes captured from scenes on or near the 45th Parallel.


About Us

We are artists, performers, researchers and creative technologists collectively working to explore new ways in which to present art experiences within the burgeoning field of immersive technology. We are passionate about discovery, experimentation, and learning; we are committed to contributing to the global conversation of what is possible within the realm of creative technology.


The Team

45th Parallel Universe is a celebration of Portland’s creative culture, a musician managed collective of artists who seek to define the world in which we want to live through music.

Glowbox is a technology strategy and software development studio. Focusing on values-driven physical and digital interventions that serve the human experience, Glowbox collaborates with artists, designers and makers to create forward-thinking tools, products and experiences that empower, educate and inform.

Brad Johnson is a multi-disciplinary artist whose photographic documentation of the natural world is reimagined through mixed media pictures, large-scale public installations, and digital media experiences.



45th Parallel Universe
Ron Blessinger, Executive Director
James Shields, Program Development
Gregory Ewer, Program Development

Thomas Wester, Technical Director
Ben Purdy, Technical Direction
Kate Wolf, Producer
Thomas Newlands, Technical Artist
Cat Ross, Production Coordinator

Brad Johnson, Artist

Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis, Director, Music Cognition Lab, Princeton